About Me

David Swanson BioFirst, let me start off with my writing skills. I was born with severe dyslexia. There is nothing I can do about it and it’s who I am. When I write, I turn letters around and often use different words and the wrong punctuation. For example, “This is the best day of my life”. I may type without even know it “This si the best day of my life”. Or “This and the best day of my life”.

When I was in first grade I would write full sentences backwards. For example, “My name is David. I would write: “divad si eman yM”. From right to left, backwards. When I would finish writing the teacher would ask me, “Do you see anything wrong with this?” I would look at it, and look at it, and look up at her and  say “No”. She would say, “okay, good enough for me. Just wanted to check”. She was an awesome teacher. She would grade my papers just like normal and would take the time to decipher them.

Why do I do this? I have no idea! They still don’t know for sure what causes dyslexia. So, as you read my posts, pages, comments, etc. I’m sure you will fine many weird, scratch my head, and what the …., did he just write moments. In fact, did you just catch one in the last sentence. I did, while I was writing this. If you re-read the second to last sentence you will see I used “fine” instead of “find”.

I stopped apologizing and feeling embarrassed about it when I figured it’s no different than having asthma, brown eyes instead of blue eyes, or having black hair instead of brown hair. It’s in our DNA and as of right now there is nothing I can do to change it. So, I live with is. See, I just did it again in the last sentence. I typed “So, I live with is.” Instead of, “So , I live with it. 🙂  Sometime, it can be quite frustrating!  🙂

Another reason I stopped apologizing is that I learned it really doesn’t effect anyone else. What I type your brain will know what I meant. Our brains are incredible. For example, if I type; “Tadoy wsa a baetufiul dya in Forilda. I cna’t wiat to meet up wtih my frineds and engoy the snushine.” You were able to interpret the mistakes and read the sentence as; “Today was a beautiful day in Florida. I can’t wait to meet up with my friends and enjoy the sunshine.”

Glenwood Springs COSo, enough about dyslexia. Here is a quick run down on me. I was born in small beautiful town in central Colorado called Glenwood Springs. It’s home to a natural hot springs that is open to the public year around and is completely uncovered and exposed to the weather. It can be a blizzard outside and you can be soaking in the warm waters of the hot springs. My parents owned property on a mountain side and also a hotel in Glenwood Springs called Frontier Lodge. After I was born, two years later I had a brother.

Salida COWe moved from Glenwood Springs to Salida colorado when I was about four. This is where I learned to ski at Monarch ski area off of Monarch pass. Named after to the beautiful and sadly dwindling, monarch butterflies. My parents purchased a new hotel called Economy 9. We lived at the hotel in a separate residence. It was a house connected to the hotel. I loved Salida but I had horrible asthma. The one thing that I was allergic to more than anything else was smoke. Salida Colorado was nuzzled in the center of the mountains. We had mountains all around us. In the middle of winter when there would be a weather low on top of us, all the chimney smoke would stay in town and I would get extremely sick due to this. So we moved.

Black Hills South DakotaWe moved to the open grasslands of western Nebraska to a small town of just over six thousand people called Chadron Nebraska. My parents built a new hotel in Chadron and named it Economy 9. Once again, we lived on property. My mom had a house attached to the hotel. Although it was Nebraska, we were in the northern, western edge of Nebraska. Close to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We had rolling hills, lakes, and plenty of hiking around us.

Creighton UniversityOnce I graduated from high school in Chadron Nebraska I attended Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska. Omaha is actually what you might think Nebraska to be. Flat and corn fields all around. In Chadron we would have blizzards but Omaha being right next to the Missouri river we would get ice storms that would shut the city down in the middle of winter. Burrrrrr!

Union Pacific Rail RoadAfter Creighton I got a job with Union Pacific Railroad as a wireless network engineer. We would travel from one railroad location to the next. We would training the Union Pacific Railroad employees how to use the GPS tracking system to track new vehicles that were being shipped to car dealerships from Mississippi west.

At first, I loved the job. I loved the computer science behind it and the traveling to all these cities. However, almost a year of traveling and rarely coming home and when I did it was during the week, I lost all contact with friends and family. So, I quit Union Pacific and moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Fort LauderdaleI loved Fort Lauderdale. The sun, the beaches, the night life. After two years doing medical sales in Fort Lauderdale I moved to Orlando FL for a better job. I started off as a sales associate for a medical software company. After six months I became sales manager, and then after two years I became Vice President of sales.

SolarfiedIt was an awesome job but after four years I was getting bored and wanted something more in my area of study. I started a company called Solarfied Inc. We performed solar electric and solar hot water installs. Business was great until Governor Scott was elected into office. He cancelled all solar rebates which caused the solar industry in Florida to plummet. When this happen I started a new company.

PlanGlobalI went into merchant services and ecommerce design. I set businesses up with credit card processing and design their ecommerce website. It’s a great business! It allows me to work from home and spend lots of time with my pups.

The Pups Buster and ChanceMy pups. I have two wonderful, beautiful pups. Their names are Buster and Chance. Their breed is Black Mouth Cur. Buster looks just like Old Yeller. Old Yeller was a Black Mouth Cur. Not a Lab as many think. Buster and Chance are brothers even though they have different colored coats. But they have the same white design on their chests.

JasperI also have a cute sassy cat named Jasper. She rules the dogs. She allows Buster to play with her a bit but Chance gets too aggressive and she beats him up. When they walk she has to walk in front of the dogs. She is definitely bossy!

David CollageWell, that is a quick run down on my life. As time permits I will add more and send out a post on my blog that I have added to my bio. There are a lot of other jobs and certifications, and experience that I’m leaving out. Like what you ask? Well, I use to work at Boys Town in Omaha Nebraska as a teacher, I have my VFR pilots licenses, and I love to scuba dive, white water raft, snowmobile, water ski, and sky dive. But, I’ll expand on that later 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope I didn’t bore you!