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Orlando Massacre at Pulse Nightclub 6-11-2016

Pulse LogoI’ve kept quiet since the horrible massacre this week. I keep watching the news and they are painting a picture of the murder as a terrorist.  The definition of a terrorist is: “a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.” Yes, he called in support of ISIS. which would define that he was a terrorist. But…also while watching the news they are reporting how one moment he would be nice and next would have these angry fits. REMEMBER this next sentence as it will be very important later in my post. The news reported that back in elementary school he would have angry fits, and threaten to bring a gun to school.

As I watch the news politicians and civilians are pushing for gun laws to help prevent this act of this horrible violence. First, I’m 200% for gun control laws. It’s just plain common sense. The only reason you would not be is that either you’re completely ignorant or… you’re receiving money to lobby for organizations like the NRA. There is no reason why any civilian needs an AR-15. As much as it is entertaining to watch, example The Walking Dead…it’s a SHOW. Not reality. It’s FANTASY. Now, that I’ve said that let’s get back to the massacre in Orlando.

I’m sorry to say but all of you thinking that gun control would have prevented this slaying at Pulse in Orlando are sorely mistaken! This individual would have still carried out the act. With or without a firearm. With a background in chemistry; I can go to Lowes for 10 minutes and 5 minute trip to a pool supply store and have something much, much smaller than an AR-15. AND the casualties would not have been 49, it would have been everyone inside Pulse and there would have been very little left of the building. Ready for the really scary part…….You can find this stuff easily on YouTube. If someone wants to do this a gun is not going to prevent a person for carrying out such a heinous act.

So…where does this bring us? As you paint the picture of this killer, it doesn’t take much common sense to realize this individual is mentally unstable. We took a huge step a year or so ago when President Obama created the brain initiative to map the brain. But..we need more. And quickly! We need to fund more research into brain research, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and a multitude of other mental disorders. We know that certain genes that are active can cause a person to be violent. We discovered CRISPR last year (an easy gene editing technique). We need to mass fund this.

We need to turn the tide of what we think of Psychiatrists/Psychologists. If someone says..yea, been seeing a psychiatrist the last couple weeks. Instead of thinking..oh lord….this person is crazy. Instead..oh that’s awesome. Good for you. Give them support and encouragement to keep going.  We need to make it so that going to a psychiatrist/psychologist is no different than going to the doctor for an annual physical. We need healthcare that WILL cover 100% mental health visits. And not just 5, 10, 15, 25 visits. As many visits as it takes! Something to think about is maybe once a year rather you have are feeling that you have a mental issue or not to visit a Psychiatrists/Psychologists and have it covered with health insurance just like an annual physical. The doctor may spot something that you don’t even realize is there.

We also need training for everyone, especially teachers of all grades to spot signs of mental problems (depression, stand-off, problems going through puberty, kids being bullied and the effect of it, abusive parents either physically AND/OR through words, etc.). Mental disorders can manifest at any age at any time. If teachers spot something, get the child into a mental health professional. If the teachers of this killer would have caught this in elementary school and if we had the research, medicine, cure….most likely the event at Pulse would never have happened.

We have seen this now in Orlando, Sandy Hook, Columbine CO, and that just three that have showed the killers were mentally unstable.

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